The Leo Kill Switch is a hard wire tracking device that installs behind the dashboard. It runs off the car itself and is completely hidden. The Leo Kill Switch is perfect if you are tracking the vehicles of your employees since it can be installed in multiple vehicles. 

The Leo Kill Switch features a kill switch relay, which will disable the ignition at the press of a button. If you believe your vehicle may have been stolen or somebody gained unauthorized access, you can disable the ignition remotely. This feature will prevent theft as well as help to locate a lost vehicle. The kill switch and the tracker both help ensure that your vehicle will remain safe and secure.


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Leo Kill Switch can be profesionally installed from any local audio shop or auto repair shop. A full list of authorized dealers can be found by clicking the link above that says "Authorized Dealers". The following diagram explains how to install Leo Kil Switch. Installation time takes around 20-30 minutes. The yellow wire is not used during the installation. This diagram features Leo Kil Switch as well as the Starter interrupt which remotely disables the ignition.


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