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King Tracking in Groveport Ohio USA provides the most up to date and versatile GPS tracking devices available. The GPS trackers in Groveport Ohio USA can be used for a variety of purposes including keeping track of your children, tracking company vehicles, tracking the elderly, tracking a loved one, and other purposes. King Tracking offers unique trackers including its Leo Minor, Leo OBD, and Leo Hard Wire. Each tracker has its own purpose and is unique for each person in Groveport Ohio USA.



Leo Minor 609408027024 is the perfect tracker if you want it to remain inconspicuous and want something simple that is ready to go instantly. The magnetic clip is an additional accessory that increases the versatility of the tracker and allows it to attach to the frame of a vehicle. Leo Minor 609408027024 is perfect to keep track of young children as well as a household member, since it is easy to hide. Also Leo Minor FCC ID: ZKO-TT8850 can track assets such as large containers, paintings, antiques, jewelry, and other valuables. Leo Minor FCC ID: ZKO-TT8850 is one of the most versatile tracking devices offered in Groveport Ohio USA.



Leo OBD 609408015144 in Groveport Ohio USA may be used by companies wanting to keep track of company vehicles, fleets, personal vehicles, golf carts, and more. Leo OBD installs within seconds and just hooks into the OBD ii port of a vehicle. The “Y cable” may be purchased for Leo OBD to hide the tracker itself as well as keep the port open. Leo OBD 609408015144 is just one of the many tracking devices King Tracking offers in Groveport Ohio USA.



Leo Hard Wire is the third device offered by King Tracking in Groveport Ohio USA and installs behind the dashboard. Leo Hard Wire can be installed at any audio shop or local electronics store. The installation takes about 20 minutes and will completely conceal the tracking device. Leo Hard Wire is perfect to track fleets, company cars, teenagers, and other vehicles. The benefits of the Leo Hard Wire are that it provides updates every minute, remains hidden, and the battery remains constantly charged. The kill relay is an additional accessory with Leo Hard Wire and will disable the ignition remotely from any location. This is used to prevent thefts and unauthorized access to the vehicle in Groveport Ohio USA.


Tracking service in Groveport Ohio USA uses several methods including cell tower triangulation and satellites to determine the location of data. Receive updates every five minutes or one minute depending on the tracking device and the service you would like. Tracking service in Groveport Ohio USA is $29.95 monthly ($59.95 activation fee). Cancel at any time as no long term contract is required with King Tracking’s service. Technical support is always standing by if you have any questions or need support with your device.

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