King Tracking provides GPS trackers that are perfect for managing fleets. With King Tracking’s GPS trackers, your company can increase profits while reducing vehicle costs. With the easy to use software, you can track multiple vehicles at once and know the exact routes that your employees took. Track vehicle locations, start/stop times, miles per hour, and more directly from your computer or smart phone.



King Tracking uses a simple interface that manages to provide detailed information on each vehicle. Receive up to a one year history of your vehicles as well as a breadcrumb trail which shows you the start and finish points. The breadcrumb trail will provide all the stops that the vehicle made as well as anytime the vehicle was in motion. This is the perfect tool for companies to monitor all of their employees.



Save money with King Tracking’s latest GPS trackers. King Tracking has a reputation of saving organizations money with its simple but effective software. Contact us today to be provided a quote and a free estimate. 


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