The Leo OBD Real Time Vehicle GPS Tracker installs within seconds in the OBD ii port of any vehicle. Just plug the tracker directly into any OBD 2 port. All cars manufactured after 1996 are required to have an OBD ii port. The OBD tracker will provide updates every one minute and the battery will run off the car itself. The OBD is perfect for parents who want to monitor the driving habits of their children and tracking somebody in the same family.


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This is the location of the OBD ii port inside the vehicle. Normally it is found directly under the steering wheel of the vehicle, but all vehicles are different. Check with your car manufacturer to find out where your OBD ii port is located inside of your vehicle.



The Leo OBD GPS tracker 609408015144 plugs directly into the OBD ii port. The tracker installs within seconds. The tracker is a simple plug that will run off the battery of the car itself.


The extended "y" cable is used to hide the wires of the Leo OBD. The OBD ii port of the vehicle pops out and you replace the port with the "y" cable. Then plug the original port as well as the tracker into the "y" cable. The "y" cable will keep the obd ii port open, while hiding the tracker itself.


Leo OBD Y Cable

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Leo OBD Real Time Tracker RI7GE864Q2

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